We design & manufacture cranes as per IS: 807, 3177, 3938 with 25% overload, and with various combinations such as Types, Class of duties, Accessories, Safety features to meet the client’s requirement 


  • Low Headroom type are available in all our products to achieve maximum height
  • Flame Proof types
  • Tandem operations
  • Twin Hoists / Crabs in single Crane with Tandem operations
  • Main and Auxiliary Hoists   
  • Box type / Beam Type / Lattice type construction of Bridge Girders
  • Suitable to any type of environment such Chemical, Corrosive, High temperature.
  • Suitable to Indoor and Outdoor locations
  • Our Hoists can travel both in Straight and Curved Path Monorail Beams.
  • Overhanging span (in selected type of cranes)


  • CLASS - I (M-3) : LIGHT DUTY (Cranes for maintenance, warehouse and assembly operations)
  • CLASS - II (M-5) : MEDIUM DUTY (Cranes for general engineering application and Machine shop)
  • CLASS - III (M-7) : HEAVY DUTY (Cranes for Heavy machine shops, paper mills, Fabrication shop, etc)
  • CLASS - IV (M-8) : EXTRA HEAVY DUTY (Cranes for continuous operation in Steel mills and other Heavy Engineering purpose)


We manufacture our product with following safety features

  • Emergency Push Button   
  • Fail Safe Brakes  
  • Limit Switches  
  • Over Load Protector 
  • Thermal Protector
  • Circuit breakers               
  • IP protection        
  • Indication lights 
  • End Stoppers             
  • Spring / Rubber Buffers
  • Dual braking system (On request)     
  • Maintenance Platforms  
  • Access Ladder 
  • Earthing Systems
  • Siren/ Hooter/ Revolving Lamp (On request) 
  • And many more


We can also provide added value items / accessories such as Load Cell Display, Alarm, Radio Remote Control, after hook attachments, and many more on client’s request.